December 2017 in Review

Hello friends and family! I thought I'd take the time to review each month at a time on what I did through my pictures and video. Taking the time t reflect on all my spirtual and emotional growth and such would take too much time (I really should be getting ready for classes staritng tomorowo but whatever) But at least I'll have these memories and events to share and look back on.

Hope you enjoy




Dec First

The first day of the month was appropaitly spent with one of my dearest friends, Grace. We spent the day filming a silly christmas music video (watch video in lower left) got a little silly behind the scenes picture (right) and then a Biola classic, we got Pho at about 3am (top left.)

2017-12-05 01.20.22 1.jpg
2017-12-05 03.01.12 1.jpg

General shenanigins with Aaron

Here's one of my best buds, Aaron Nelson. 

Pre Finals Solo Camping Trip




Finals Week // Class Wrap up

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2017-12-10 01.09.55 1.jpg

Went on a date

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2017-12-06 02.59.58 1.jpg

Rubios for days!



2017-12-13 02.47.13 5.jpg
2017-12-17 04.57.50 1.jpg

Back with the family!

(notably the nieces)

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pop's work party

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Back to biola! (kinda)

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Socializing like crazy

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Christmas Day
2017-12-25 03.38.39 1.jpg


2017-12-25 03.38.51 1.jpg